• California Headquarters

    J28 Design is a proud North American company.

  • Engineering

    Using 3D CAD Design Software.

  • Manufacturing

    Machined In-House With Our State Of The Art CNC Milling Machines.

  • Inside J28 Design

    Custom Install

About J28 Design, Inc.

J28 Design was formed in 2005 as a design and manufacturing company. In 2006, BlendMount was introduced as their first product line with mounts for more than 45 vehicle makes including Audi, BMW, Porsche, Lexus, and Cadillac. The company manufactures all the mounts in-house at their headquarters in Northern California. Giordano and an elite management staff oversee each step of each mount's creation. J28 holds multiple patents for their innovative mounting systems. The company's philosophy is to provide their customers with the highest quality parts available.

Our Brands

BlendMount ®

Custom Radar Detector Mounts for Escort, Cobra, Beltronics, Radenso, Uniden, K40 and Valentine One. BlackVue Dashcams and Gopro Action Cameras

MirrorTap ®

Radar Detector 12 Volt Power Cords.